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The Great Investment

By July 31, 2017September 11th, 2020Uncategorized

We’d like to start off by telling you a bit about our company, iQ Power, and why we fell in love with solar. We’ve taken our passion for solar energy to the next level, creating a blog focused around iQ Power and our renewable energy beliefs. As a company, we love the idea that everyone, both consumer and vendor, can now capitalize on what is available to us naturally. We now have access to what the universe has provided and can benefit from all of the almost unimaginable uses the sun has given us. It has been an inspiration to think that just in the last few generations we came up with a nearly flawless way of creating energy from our natural resources!

Renewable Value

At iQ Power, our vision has always stemmed from the desire to help others, to spread the word on new advancements, and to promote a worthy cause. Our goal in creating a solar blog is to reach consumers on a deeper level than just a sale or a price tag. We want to help the public understand the investment value of renewable energy beyond just what it can do for the environment. Our hope is to completely remove the perception that solar energy is not affordable just because it is a new advancement. Instead we hope to raise awareness of the empowering movement solar energy is bringing to the everyday consumer.

The fact that so many solar energy companies are arising is truly an inspiration. Although we may be a little biased towards the close-net relationships we have created within our own solar company, we are grateful to have so many renewable energy companies in such close proximity and so accessible. There are many reasons someone may have an interest in solar: a new and exciting advance in technology, a nearly eliminated electric bill, enticing tax credits and government incentives and the list goes on and on. Although all reasons are important, the one that sticks in my mind the most is the value it creates to the lives and the homes of our customers.

Green Inspiration

We are greatly motivated by the positive reviews we receive from our customers based on the level of support our company provides. iQ Power has a policy of excellence in service and we like to base our love for this industry on that and our good feedback. Below is one of our recent reviews from Mr. Manila, a new client, who just had solar installed on his home in Orange Park, Florida.

“I have nothing but praises to everyone I have interacted at IQ Power. I feel like they are family now!”
-Herbert Manila, Orange Park FL
May 17, 2017

See if iQ Power can do the same for you and your family. Our dream is not only to expand the world of solar, but to provide the best service possible. To do so, we appreciate all the feedback we can get. What solar questions do you have, what savings do you desire, what does your future as a valued homeowner look like? Contact us today to answer any and all of your solar inspired questions. Click HERE to request a service call or for a complimentary energy-saving evaluation.

Links to our other go green and solar energy based websites have been listed below. To view iQ Power’s Instagram, Facebook , Twitter or Pinterest page click on each icon below to be redirected. A new page in your browser will open up.

IQ Power

About IQ Power

We believe in the power of the sun and all the benefits solar can provide to our customers and the environment. We strive to be an industry leader in our practices, methods an product placement. We place the highest priority on working together as a team to provide our customers with exceptional service due to our consistency, ethical standards and actions. We aim to be admired for the best service, informed communication, quick turn-around times, and expertly installed quality products. We are committed to excellence in everything we do and strive to continuously improve. We are passionate about achieving results that exceed our customers' expectations and save our customers money for years to come on their electric bills. We are committed to our team and provide a workplace where growth and development opportunities are available .