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Law Passes, Solar to be Required on New Homes

By July 31, 2017September 11th, 2020Uncategorized


According to the Miami Herald (July 18th, 2017), South Miami passed a law stating that all new homes built within the city limits will be required to have solar installed as a source of energy. City commissions declared this new ruling to go into effect September 18, 2017. This includes all new builds, as well as homes that undergo large renovations. The law states that home renovations replacing 75 percent or more of it’s structure will also be expected to follow these regulations.

Hawaii and multiple large cities in California have already put a similar law in place, but this is the first of its kind in Florida. Passing with a 4-1 vote, Miami is the fourth city in the United States to pass these stipulations. This new law will regulate that any home measuring larger than 1,100 square feet is required to abide. That includes single family homes, town houses or multi-building residences.

Mayor Phillip Stoddard, an energy-conscious man himself, feels that this can be a big step in the right direction. His goal with this law is to both lower utility costs as well as reduce the amount of global warming effects.

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Here are some important solar tips as a new homeowner, or if you are planning to purchase a home with solar:

•Know what your expectations and usage needs are
•Make sure your windows and appliances are energy efficient
•Replace all light bulbs with LEDs
•Reduce hot air by installing radiant barrier or insulation
•Upgrade your hot water tank to a solar or hybrid tank to reduce cost
•Remember, your roof type can affect cost of solar
•Learn what solar tax credits or promotions are available
•Find a professional and certified solar installer

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