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Florida Water: Why You Need Water Treatment

By July 28, 2017September 11th, 2020Uncategorized


Do You Know What’s In Your Water?

Florida is known to have extremely hard water. So much that it’s rated one of the worst quality water sources in the U.S. With its makeup of sand and other hardening agents, many minerals are found in Florida water that are not necessarily found in other regions. Some of the minerals found in Florida water are zinc, copper, manganese, iron, magnesium, calcium and lead.

There can be many negative effects from having hard water. It can cause the over excessive use of soap for both dishware and laundry (almost double what homes with soft water use). Hard water can affect the foods you cook, hardening vegetables while boiling and leaving soap scum on clean dishes. It can also affect clothes, yellowing washed fabrics and leaving bacteria-forming soap residue on clothing. This can cause irritations like diaper rash on babies, clogged pores and dry, itchy skin.

Water can take a toll on your home as well as your appliances. Hot water tanks, plumbing, sinks, showers, washing machines and dish washers can all be affected by your water. A residue can build up inside pipes, forming a blockage or even corrode the metal its housed inside. Mineral build up from water can cause sediment to cling to pipes, anode rods and metal objects inside appliances causing damage or eroding completely. To solve this problem, we recommend water treatment systems.

How Can I Soften My Water?

A hardness level of between 60 and 120 ppm (parts per million) is considered to be moderately soft, but many Floridians have water at an upwards of 200-400 ppm.

iQ Power offers several solutions to hard water. Water treatment systems and water purification systems can be installed both to filter and soften water. No matter what environment your water comes from, there are always ways to improve the quality of the water coming into your home. Our water purification systems have been designed to meet the most challenging water problems by removing hazardous toxins and chemicals such as chlorine, bacteria and heavy metals. Our systems also help remove unpleasant odors that affect the taste of the water as well as improve the purity.

Water Treatment System Maintenance

Here are some things to look for if you already own a water treatment system. If you notice that your water treatment system has formed a solid block of salt build up instead of loose salt in system, its okay. As long as there is salt in the system it should be running as usual. If the salt has formed into a block or congealed into another shape this is not something to be worried about, however salt should be refilled as needed throughout the year. A salt fill can be completed by iQ Power by contacting the service team and scheduling an appointment.

Depending on how often your systems cycles can affect how often a salt refill is needed. If the system cycles regularly you will need to add salt more regularly. This can be necessary anywhere from 3-4 times a year to as little as once every 2 years. However, we do not recommend running a system without any salt. Noticing an unusual or rotten odor in water or detecting a funny taste is the easiest way to tell that something is wrong with the purification system.

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