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What to Expect When Installing Solar

By August 1, 2017September 11th, 2020Uncategorized

Solar Inspection

Following a solar energy installation, an inspection will be conducted by the county to ensure the system will pass code. The inspector will determine that the system has passed based on , electrical, wiring, placement and following the design plans. You will need to be present at time of inspection to pass and have all documents available at time of arrival. Once an inspection has passed, results will be passed along to the electric company. The electric company will be notified that a meter is ready to be installed.

Meter Install

In Florida, all solar installs require a new meter. They are provided by the local electric company to monitor usage and solar energy production. This serves as an important purpose in tracking energy usage and an accurate electric usage record. This process will happen at the convenience of the electric company so there is no requirement for the home owner to be home.

After all steps are taken in your solar electric system install, it’s time to turn the system on. iQ Power will set up a courtesy check to power up the solar system, verify that all components are active and that system is functioning normally.

Inverter Set Up

ABB Data Loggers are each connected to an inverter on Photovoltaic systems. Each is connected to the network and set up through the home owner’s IP address. The iOS application can be found at the App Store with search: ABB Plant Viewer. This application can be accessed using account information from ABB Login.

Tax Credits

There is a 30% federal tax credit available for every solar energy purchase, excluding luxury items such as solar pool heating. Hybrid hot water systems and water treatment systems are also excluded from this credit. To claim a tax credit, you must file a 5696 form with your taxes in the year of your purchase date with an original contract through an accountant or tax specialist. 100% of your tax credit may not be available in the first year of filing, however, it will be added every additional year in the largest sum applicable until the entire tax credit is used.

You will need to complete and submit Form 5695 to be eligible.

  • Log into
  • Click the “Credits and Deductions” tab located at the top of the page
  • Choose “Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit”
  • Find the tax credit form 5695

Present this form to your tax professional to complete and submit when filing taxes for that purchase year and your tax credit will become available after.

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