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Busting Solar Myths

By August 1, 2017September 11th, 2020Uncategorized


1. Myth: Technology is Too New to Purchase Solar

As surprising as it may seem, solar has been around since the early 1800’s… 1839 to be exact. The discovery was first made by French scientist, Augustin Mouchot, who invented a way to convert solar energy into mechanical steam power.

From the latest solar studies performed, research shows that homeowners worry most about not being able to produce enough energy to sustain their lifestyle within the household. Although solar is only producing during the sun-lit hours of the day, solar systems are still tied to the grid. This means at night the meter pulls stored energy from the grid so the customer still has energy to use. Therefore, you will never be without power.

In the first century A.D. people used the sun to warm their water as well as heat the famous Roman bathtubs. In 1958 NASA began using solar power in all of its satellites that continue to work in space.

2. Myth: Solar Panels are Too Expensive to Afford

One of the most common concerns that today’s consumers have about solar is that they think they can’t afford it. Even with the dramatic drop in solar pricing, 97% of Americans are still overestimating the cost of installing a solar system. The solar industry has advanced so dramatically in the last 60 years, it is now one of the most economical solutions available.

Solar energy is more reasonable that most consumers imagine it to be. Companies like iQ Power charge no initial installation fees and do not require money down to install. There are also certain government programs available to reduce cost and tax credits available for most major types of solar. Once your system is working, keep in mind the sun’s energy is free!

3. Myth: Solar Panels Will Cause Damage to My Roof

Professional solar companies use trained installers that are solar certified and have experience in the field. To run and operate a professional solar company, licenses, certifications and experience are all required. Extensive training is completed by all service technicians and installers so the roof can be especially protected. Solar panels are also mounted strategically 1-3 inches above the roof space to increase air flow and protect the outer layer of shingles. All penetrations are completely sealed and protected as well.

4. Myth: I Wont See a Return On My Investment

Some new homeowners wonder if they will stay in a home long enough for solar to return on their investment. The truth is: if you have a sufficient system that functions as it should, that solar system should be able to pay for itself within 6-12 years. With solar production and federal tax credits factored in, you could start seeing a return on investment within just 2-4 years. Not only will savings become substantial, but solar systems also raise the value of a home an average of $15,000.

5. Myth: I Will Need Back Up Batteries to Have Solar

In Florida it is required that all homeowners remain attached to the power grid, which means that they essentially store their own energy through net metering. With this technology, homeowners can be credited with excess energy the panels have generated after it has returned to the energy grid. This also means that if more energy is being used than produced, energy can be pulled from the grid as a back up. It is possible to add back up batteries to a solar system, but it will also increase the cost, upkeep and maintenance fees.

Dont be fooled by these solar myths, call iQ Power today to find out everything there is to know about solar energy.

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