IQ Power is a leader in solar energy, solar heating, solar hot water and solar powered homes and has greatly improved the engineering and performance of every type of solar thermal systems.

Why Choose Solar

  • It’s clean
  • It’s infinitely renewable
  • It can reduce your utility costs
  • It comes with incentives

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“We would like to commend IQ Power on their knowledge, skill, expertise, easiness to work with and ability to answer all questions. It is refreshing to deal with your company at all levels.”

J Nuckols, Orlando, FL – 4/8/13

Career Options

iQ Power is the fastest growing, full service, renewable energy company in Central Florida and we are looking for qualified people to support our; Sales, Service/Installation, Marketing/Customer Service Positions

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Service & Repair

solar-repair-serviceDoesn’t matter if your system has just sprung a leak, or you are finally ready to plug into the Sun, iQ Power is here to help. Our expert Home Energy Auditors and Service Technicians have gone through countless hours of training, so they can better evaluate your specific needs and provide solutions that make sense.

Browse through our Product and Service offerings, and please contact with any questions you may have. Click Here for Service & Repair

Featured Premium Products

iQ Power offers a complete line of solar and energy saving products. We have been supplying happy customers with state-of-the-art solar products for years, so you can be confident we stand behind our systems and expert installations.

iQ Power photovoltaic systems convert sunlight into electrical energy, delivering “no-cost” electricity to your home.  Click Here for and view our premium product listings.

Why choose us

Financial Incentives

Explore federal incentive programs that make solar affordable.

Solar Technology

See how solar works for your home or office. Be a part of the solution.